newly called seldom and

with the world between fingertips

numb with scar i sit and conjure

you until charon tires of waiting

and again recedes eyes rolling

dropping another cigarette butt

into the littered styx


but i would not give up the privilege of our arc

the parabola’s summation and plunge:

our ark

for all the release from heaviness

for the comforts of earthbinding

i would not

(via 3liza)

sap song

the night swoons vast

in the unaccountable lapse
between them- as if they
had reached a torn-out
passage of a book which
could only be filled with conjecture,
and were waiting for it to resume-
as if an injury had been done to 
their continuity, which is comprised
of two bodies and is itself like a body in heat
and ambition and marrow-
as if any span between their bodies greater
than none at all were an insult answerable
only with combat, which they would take
out on each other, each a willing proxy
for the very terror of their parting.
as if every apart heartbeat somehow
     didn’t count

excerpts from project: nausicaa/laocoon

1. (that your lapse might not invoke mine;)

his thick breath,

infective with languor,

is half hidden. cripple-

king of the sand uncertainly

lingering between burial

and sky-rites. watched by

frantic gulls. wherefore his

thews. a falling mast

crowned him in fractures.



5. (interlude: a pun: i have given you a third person. sorry, sorry)

he had been unclad

by shipwreck but

threw a cloak of

sorrowing words

around us both. our

arms pinioned by its

sodden weight.

6. (you raged to preserve me.)

my name in greek

means “burner of ships.”

7. (i am incapable of distance.)

i took his nausea for my own, offered

through weakened teeth my

own rags. tried to hang them

from his shaking frame. tried

at least to stand between him

and the sun. his enormity kept

me from covering him. the

greeks wrote of madness in

a certain way

the glyph project isn’t dead, by the way, but i’m working on something else right now. i might turn it into a twine game we’ll see

in time and not much time

at that my room will take the scent

of rotten oranges. i had a twin

who would be drunk by now and i

killed him to stay here. don’t regret it

but i visit his grave sometimes, and

listen to his anger. his clothes fit me

like motley. and now smell of oranges. 

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ive spent the morning reading old poems and i might be ready to write again